Bitmax Exchange Review

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BitMax is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore. There are 115 coins and 197 trading pairs on the exchange. BitMax volume in the last 24 hours is reported to be at ₿27,496.73. The most active trading pair on BitMax exchange is BTC/USDT. BitMax is established in year 2018. This is my honest review of the Bitmax Exchange and all these views are my own. #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies

When registering use the code “JFXEYW2A”

I always encourage people to sign up to multiple exchanges hence reducing risk of possible future hacks and leveraging benefits of each exchange for their own benefits that others don’t provide.

Bitmax also doesn’t require KYC so its ideal for privacy focused users out there. There is nice referral program that pays everything in USDT as well.
You can come talk with me on my lounges just for chitchat or business inquiries as well
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Bitmax Exchange Review

Bitmax Exchange Review


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